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Marie’s Testimonials

“I was diagnosed with Morton’s Nueroma in my right foot.  It was unbelievably painful.  No matter what shoes I tried to wear, within an hour, my right foot would begin to throb and burn.  My orthopaedic surgeon prescribed anti-inflammatory medication, which I took for six months with no relief.  At my follow-up appointment, he injected the top of my foot with cortisone.  I had relief for approximately three weeks and then, once again, the throbbing and burning was back the moment I put on my shoe.  I then tried acupuncture.  After two visits, which included acupuncture and shiatsu massage, I finally got relief and have not had a flair-up now for more than a year!   I can now wear a tied shoe for several hours with no pain or burning!”

“My 10-year-old son was suffering from debilitating sinus headaches. The first course of action prescribed by our physician was four separate rounds of antibiotics and also a round of steroids.  The headaches persisted.  They then surgically removed his adenoids.  Still, no relief.  We then went to a neurologist who ordered brain scans and MRI’s. The results were negative and the headaches continued.  Finally, I took him to see Janie Sheerin for acupuncture.   She tested him for allergies and informed me that my son was allergic to dairy products and the additives in lunch meat.  She administered three acupuncture treatments (he slept like a log through all three of them), and advised us to eliminate milk, ice cream and processed lunch meat from his diet, which we did.  She also prescribed four separate nutrients which he took for six months.  He has been headache-free for 8 years.”

Marie R., Velencia, PA 6/2011

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