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Lynn’s Testimonial

Probably saved my life. I suffered from overwhelming seasonal allergies for years that resulted in sinus infections and severe asthma in the Spring and Fall and when around dogs and cats. My life was gradually getting more constrained and I was getting sicker. My allergist was unable to do anything for me and told me I was only going to get worse as I got older. Allergy shots, courses of prednosone and antibiotics were making me sicker each year. Ms. Sheerin treated me over several years with gentle non-painful, acupuncture and now I do not need an inhaler, have no seasonal allergies, live with a dog and haven’t had a sinus infection for 10 years. My physical health is better than it was when I was 20. I can’t say enough good things about the treatment I received here.
Lynn – Aug 19, 2009

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