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Knee Pain

Thanks to Janie if I fall, I CAN get up. I’m a home remodeling contractor and am up and down all day. Suffering with pain in both knees for months, I remembered that acupuncture did wonders for me when pain in my wrist posed a huge problem. So why not try it for my knees. I had previously tried acupuncture in Monroeville, Pa., so gas prices dictated where to go. I took a chance in the yellow pages and found Janie’s treatment center.  After 4 or 5 treatments, I thought I had new knees. I had no problems after that. That was about 3 years ago and I am still pain free. I tell people about it working for me and get the same response all the time; I’ve heard about acupuncture but I never knew anyone who had it or if it really works.  Well, I’m a firm believer and always will be. It’s worked for me twice, and as long as Janie practices acupuncture, I will continue to have her treat me.
Barry Geesey
Central Pennsylvania
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