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Crohn’s Disease

I’ve been truely blessed to find and trust Janie with my health and diet, after dealing with a chronic health issue for some time.

Last summer, I began to have severe pain in my digestive track. I was going to the bathroom six times or more times a day and it was causing me to bleed. The doctors ran many different tests including stool and blood tests. They also screened me and concluded crohns disease (inflammatory bowel disease). The doctors prescribed steroids and maintenance drugs and I was still having the same symptoms. The doctors tested me again and found pathogenic bacteria (C-Diff.) in my digestive track. They prescribed antibiotics which killed off all of my good bacteria. My immune system struggled and I was constantly getting colds. I was also very irritable and tired all the time. The antibiotics didn’t change my symtoms and I was tested positive for C.Diff several times. They prescribed more rounds of the same antibiotic and they also tried different antibiotics. Nothing worked. Eventually, they recommended a fecal transplant. I couldn’t find a fit candidate and struggled to trust anyone with my health because of the mishaps and the large amounts of money I spent on testings. I searched online for a more natural approach to healing and found Janie. When I came into her office, she asked me about my diet and made some recommendations. I immediately began her protocol of specific nutrients to heal my gut and probiotics and diet changes and I saw immediate results. My bloating decreased and I was getting less colds. It took some time for the bleeding to stop… but it takes time to heal! Don’t ever lose hope. I followed the protocol that Janie prescribed with a follow up lab work to see definitively if the C-Diff was gone.  With her protocol, it was gone verified with lab test. Give Janie a chance. I did and now I feel healthier than I ever had in a long time. I recommend Janie to everyone who is dealing with chronic health issues including family, friends and even people I don’t know. Anyway, I’m C. Diff free and couldn’t be anymore happy! Thank you Janie!

S. K. Age 27, State College, PA

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