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Chronic Pain

When I first came to Lemont Acupuncture Centre for my first appointment I was suffering from chronic pain that was a results of a car accident I had over three years ago. When I had my first visit with Janie I had been working with my primary care physician for years to help find ways to relieve my pain, as a result I was put through many different types of treatment. I was in physical therapy off and on for over  three years, I was on heavy pain killers, anti-spasms and anti-inflammations. As a results my pain was masked but always returned when the medication wore off. As a result I had to quit my job because the pain become such that I would have panic attacks and was unable to control the anxiety caused by my constant pain. I needed help and I was scared that I was going to spend my life in pain, battle panic attacks and unable to live life to the fullest. I had heard about Janie and how through acupuncture she was able to help with cases such as mine. My first appointment my anxiety was such that I was unable to go through a full treatment. Janie couldn’t have been more understanding or helpful. She sat with me, got me water and talked me through every part of the treatment. I was unable to stay but rescheduled for a few days later. After my first treatment I couldn’t believe the results I felt, and how my body reacted to the treatment. It was the first time I had felt hope in over three years. Now after having several treatments from July 2013 to the present I am 100% medication free! I am able to play with my kids again and enjoy my life. I see Janie once a month now for maintenance treatments and I look forward to them each and every month. I’m not sure that I will every be able to repay Janie, she gave me my life back.

Jessica S

October 22,2013

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