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Chronic Neck Pain

I have had chronic neck pain for about 15 years. This past year it became worse to the point that the pressure was so great on my neck and spine I felt as if I needed to throw up. I had seen two neurologists and one neurosurgeon and none of them could figure out how to treat me. At this point, the pressure was so great that I lost the use of my right arm making it impossible to drive or even dress myself at times. The doctor prescribed a pain pill which didn’t even touch my pain. I couldn’t sit up for very long nor could I find a good sleeping position. I was desperate. A good friend of mine suggested acupuncture and got me an appointment with Janie. After three treatments, for the first time in years, the pain in my neck and spine are gone. I still don’t have full use of my arm but I feel a change and it is not quite as numb. I can’t thank Janie enough for giving me my life back.

Kathryn Iadarola

Bellefonte, PA

8142371966 Directions