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Carol’s Testimonial

My knees hurt so badly, I could no longer do the things I wanted to do.  I had to change my plans and work my days‘ schedule around how much my knees were hurting.

Ice packs, braces, knee supports and lots of Tylenol.  I did all of that and still, I had so much pain.  Acupuncture has freed me from all of that, plus the stress and fears associated with chronic pain are gone.

Also gone is my acid reflux medicine, which I had taken for years; with Janie’s knowledge and guidance my prescription ($120/month) has been replaced with whole food supplements.

Going to Lemont Acupuncture Centre is my one-day-a-month, for me—to feel good all over!  And acupuncture doesn’t hurt; it feels great.

Carol Smith 10/11

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